Effective Drain Cleaning and Side Sewer Repair in Seattle, Washington

Protect your home or business with the drain cleaning services of Plumb Pros LLC in Seattle, Washington. We bring a wealth of experience to any plumbing job.

Side Sewer Repair

Our inline video system travels through the pipe to determine if the side sewer needs repair. We also offer a free estimate if another plumber has completed the inspection. With our video inspection system we are able to identify where the pipes are. With good information we can provide you an accurate estimate and the best possible price. We'll also clear backed up drains inside your home outside on your property and remove roots if needed.

Bonded & Licensed

As licensed and bonded side sewer contractor in Seattle and other utility districts, we can work in the city right of way. Each job is different so once an estimate is provided, we will have a very good idea of how long the job will take to complete.

Plumbing Plans & Supplies - Side Sewer Repair

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