Experienced Pipe Bursting in Seattle, Washington

Pipe bursting is just one option to replace aging pipes from Plumb Pros LLC in Seattle, Washington. Call us for an evaluation of the best, most cost-effective way to repair or replace old pipes.

Bursting or Lining

Pipe bursting involves sending a new pipe through the old pipe. This method avoids having to pull the old pipe out of the ground, though it does require that two pits be excavated. Pipe lining is an inversion process that can require the excavation of only one pit. The interior of the pipe is lined with a resin/fiber liner and prevents roots from entering the pipe, can smooth out pipe separations and pipe offset conditions, as well as bridging holes in the sewer pipe. This is a good option when accessing the damaged area is exceptionally expensive and has a difficult access.

Plumbing Repairs

If you have a clogged drain or pipe in your home, we will come and fix it for you. We can repair or replace leaky pipes and also offer water service line and water heater replacements.

Plumber at Work - Pipe Bursting

Contact us in Seattle, Washington, to learn more about our pipe bursting and pipe lining services.